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Many gas bottles ready for the gas supplies

Bottled Gas Suppliers In Ballymena For Domestic And Commercial Requirements

Looking for bottled gas to power your home, garden equipment, or commercial space? Ballymena Lawnmower Centre is your dependable source for all the necessary supplies to keep your operations running smoothly. As your trusted local bottled gas supplier in Ballymena, we provide a diverse range of products to meet your heating and power needs, ensuring you receive quality fuel at affordable prices. We can provide both one-off contracts or a regular supply contract for gas to residential and commercial customers. Reach out to us today for a free quote and discover how we can assist you in managing your fuel supplies efficiently. Let us remove the stress of running out of fuel.

Our Fuel Products

Check out our range of fuel supplies, offering reliable and efficient energy solutions.

A colorful rack of gas bottles

Premium Bottled Gas

As premium bottled gas suppliers, we cater to home and commercial spaces, whether for a barbecue, patio heater or powering heavy-duty garden and commercial machinery. With various sizes and types available, our bottled gas offers the flexibility and efficiency you require.

Proud Suppliers of Flogas

Bottle gas offers the convenience of being portable, enabling users to have a reliable source of gas wherever they go. The cylinders are typically available in different sizes, allowing customers to choose the appropriate size based on their usage and storage requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Rows of multiple red gas containers
Close-up of oil storage tank outside the home

Safety And Usage Tips

Ensuring gas is used safely and judiciously is crucial. Here are key tips for responsible management:

  • Proper Storage: Keep bottles upright and store them outdoors to prevent accidents.

  • Efficient Burning: Burn efficiently for maximum heat and minimal waste.

  • Ensure Ventilation: Use gas-powered equipment with adequate ventilation to avoid harmful gas buildup.

  • Detect Leaks: Know the smell of gas and signs of a leak to act quickly in case of danger.

  • Regular Checks: Keep up with checks on gas connections to ensure safety and quality.

Bottled Gas Suppliers In Ballymena Powering Your Home And Equipment With Effective Supplies—Call Us On 028 2564 6489

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